About The Project

EEPI Project Overview 

EEPI is a project funded by the European Union within the framework of the EU Program: “Promoting Inclusive Economic Growth in Egypt”, and is being implemented by EEC in cooperation with the Egyptian partner Innovety LLC, Consorzio ARCA from Italy, and Globally Cool from the Netherlands.

The project aims to qualify Egyptian Engineering companies to export by technology transfer, innovation or product adaptation so that they can better compete in European markets, in addition to helping them find the right European business partners through matchmaking activities.

Who will benefit from EEPI?

SMEs working in the engineering sector that already export and want to penetrate the European Market. SMEs –not exporters- working in the engineering sector that want to qualify for Export. Bodies, entities and companies operating in Export Development & Product Development


EEC: EEC was established through a ministerial decree in 1997 to act as an advisory body to H.E the Minister of Trade and Industry, with the objective of fostering the Egyptian Engineering Sector’s competitiveness & boosting their exports to international markets.

Innovety: a leading Innovation Management consulting and training firm in Egypt and the MENA region that focuses on enabling businesses to recognize and achieve their potential growth through innovation and the development of new products and services.

ARCA: an Italian non-profit consortium established from University of Palermo (IT) and private partners, managing the University business incubator, an urban community hub for creative and cultural companies and a rural inclusive and generative environment, dealing with technology transfer, business innovation and internationalization

Globally Cool: an independent and innovative consultancy firm that specializes in sustainable international trade development. Their solutions cover B2B Market Intelligence, Export Strategy Development, Branding & Promotion of products, online marketing, matchmaking & trade fairs.

Project Process

We didn’t miss Sustainability

Online Technology Repository

The technologies which are adaptable for the Egyptian Manufacturing Industries will be scouted from Europe and listed in an e-directory that will be available for the Egyptian Industry at large to utilize for future development.

EU Export Manual

This export manual will be documenting all the steps that occurred throughout the project thus acting as a informative guide for any Egyptian company that wants to export to Europe.

Capacity Building 

The capacity building will involve local stakeholders who could further implement projects and initiatives in the fields of Export Readiness, Technology Transfer & Product Innovation for the benefit of the Egyptian Industrial Community.