Patent information is now indispensable for companies. Information is now easy to be acquired through the many available and free patent search platforms. By using patent information, many important tasks can be accomplished such as: (1) saving research costs by looking for existing solutions, (2) performing a preliminary check for patentability or freedom to operate, and (3) taking informed decisions in R&D and IP management. This module emphasizes why patent search is important and how it can be the starting point to laying out an IP and commercialization plan. This module will train the attendees on how to use Espacenet, the free European Patent Office database, to find and analyse patent documents.


  • Introduction to Patent Information
  • Important information that can be extracted from patent documents
  • Introduction to Espacenet
  • Search functions
  • Different kinds of patent classifications (advantages and how to use it)
  • How to process the information, work with results and make business decisions
  • Patent families and prioritization
  • Tips & tricks
  • Limitations of Espacenet
  • Other patent information products & services
Location: Flamenco Hotel