This module is divided into two parts. The first part provides an introduction to the various registered IP rights; what they are, why you need them, and how to register them. It will emphasise on patents and provide some useful tips for entities who do not have enough budgets to draft patent documents through professional patent agents. The second part introduces the unregistered Intellectual Property and the Soft IP. This includes the protection of know-hows, trade secrets, and other forms of confidential information. It will also cover the “First Mover Advantage” where the business model is simply to be the first to a market with a new product and service and try to build as much brand reputation as you can before the copycats inevitably move in on you.


  • Patent basics & Business Methods
  • Utility models
  • Designs
  • Trademarks & Domain names
  • How the law protects IP (in Egypt and Europe)?
  • The IP ecosystem in Egypt
  • Patents in depth
  • Unregistered IP
  • Copyright & Database rights
  • Unregistered designs and trade marks
  • Soft IP and how to protect it
  • First Mover Advantage
Location: Pyramisa Hotel